Bed and Breakfast

Check-in Location and Event Venue

Breakfast Options

Special Arrangements can be made for a catered breakfast.

Covid Difference:

City Cafe Open Wednesday to Saturday

Vouchers redeemable at the City Cafe invite you to experience the charming Downtown Murfreesboro Public Square. Just a few short blocks away, you can enjoy a hot meal of your choice.

Puckets Open Sunday

Sunday breakfast, Another great local favorite.

Simply Pure Sweets Offered Monday and Tuesday

A local bakery known for their Macrons, but they also have savory and sweet breakfast options. We are glad they are available to give a diffent taste of Murfreesboro.

Grab and Go Bag

Muffins and fresh, whole fruit hung on your door—have breakfast on the go.

**Whole House & Vacation Rentals do not include Breakfast.

The pictures are a combination of rooms and spaces in both houses of our Inn